Ferrule Mesh Webnet Aviary Order Shipping

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Ferrule Mesh Webnet Aviary Order Shipping

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Ferrule mesh webnet aviary is a soft steel material for birds enclosure fence. Whether it’s a roof or fence mesh, it’s a perfect fit.


Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh sent our ferrule mesh webnet aviary order in early October.

Ferrule Mesh Webnet Aviary Ferrule Mesh Webnet Aviary

Our customer is from Europe. The parque has ordered our ferrule cable mesh for the third time. They are very satisfied with the mesh. And they always use the smallest aperture mesh to fit their small birds aviary.

The designing of the aviary is very special and must attract many visitors.


And the ferrule mesh webnet itself is a beautiful landscape. In recent years it has been popular with consumers. Cable ferrule wire mesh is strong and durable, and it is a must-have material for zoos and birdhouse buildings.

HengYi Metal Ecological Mesh always puts customers’ needs in the first place.

In order to make the best quality stainless steel rope mesh, we improve the technical level of our workers and use the best raw materials. The size of the mesh can be customised according to customers’ requirements.

The production cycle of stainless steel ferrule rope mesh is shorter compared to woven wire mesh. Because it uses oval ferrules to fix two ropes together and then form a diamond mesh structure.

After the oval ferrules are threaded in, they need to be fixed one by one. During the whole production process, the distance between ferrules and ferrules is to be very precise. In this way, the size of the mesh produced can be accurate and the size of the mesh holes can be uniform.

It can be said that the production of cable ferrule mesh tests patience and precision. And the webnet mesh we produce can guarantee the precision and quality of the mesh.


Below is the specs list for the ferrule rope mesh.

If this doesn’t have the specifications you want, please contact us directly and tell us your requirements, we can customise it for you.


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