Owl Cage Woven Mesh Order Delivery

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Owl Cage Woven Mesh Order Delivery

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh delivered the owl cage woven mesh order this week.

The owl cage woven mesh order was ready last week. It’s a big zoo aviary project.

Owl Cage Woven Mesh


Owl cage woven mesh order determination process


The customer is our regular customer, we worked together before, so he understands the characteristics and quality of our zoo mesh products. The focus is on determining the size of the mesh pieces.


Owl cage mesh – wall mesh


This is a huge project. Because it is not a small cage, but a huge free flight bird aviary. The owls can fly freely in it, and it requires tall trees and some other natural elements.

The perimeter fence is relatively easy to determine, and we finalize the size of the side fence after several communications. After the confirmation of the engineer on the zoo’s side, a slight modification is done. Owl cage woven mesh’s wall mesh was okay.

The wall fence mesh is made of 1.2 inch mesh, which can ensure the safety issue of birds. The unique diamond-shaped mesh structure will not block the visitors’ view.


Owl cage cable mesh – roof mesh


The challenge was the size of the roof netting.

This is because a portion of the owl cage roofing mesh is irregularly shaped and very large in size. This required that the mesh be produced in smaller sections.

After continuous communication and optimization of the solution, it was finally decided to divide the larger area of the roof net into 8 parts for production. The rest of the irregular parts were then divided into some more sections for the production.

The roof is supported by using thicker steel cables, and they can just fix these owl cage woven mesh parts on the cables in order during installation.

The roof net is made of 2-inch mesh, which is lighter in weight.

Owl Cage Woven Mesh


How to deliver the owl cage woven mesh?


Since this is a huge birdhouse, a very large amount of stainless steel cable mesh will be used. And Hengyi stainless steel cable mesh is all hand-woven.

Some of these nets are huge will take a lot of time. And then the stainless steel natural color mesh for black oxidation, and need a lot of time. Therefore, without affecting the customer’s installation, the batch delivery is used. The customer also agreed to this proposal.

The production phase was officially started.

After the hard work of the workers, the first delivery of owl cage woven mesh was finally completed last week. The second shipment was also able to be shipped not too long after.

We are very proud to assist our customer to complete such a big project. The quality of Hengyi’s stainless steel cable netting is excellent, and customers will still choose our zoo netting for their next zoo project after they have used it for the first time.


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