Lion Project Mesh Order Delivery

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Big Cat Cage Cable Fencing
Wire Rope Mesh in the USA

Lion Project Mesh Order Delivery

The lion project mesh order is completed and ready to ship

The lion project mesh order came from a customer in the United States who began preparing several new zoos exhibits construction projects two months ago, including vulture and Saki monkey cage nets and lion fence nets. The vulture and Saki monkey cage nets were delivered last month.

At the same time, the customer finally decided to choose 4-inch mesh as the lion fence mesh material after talking with the zoo. The purchase order for the lion project mesh was finalized. We immediately created a production plan and started scheduling production.


The importance of planning ahead for the projects

In our communication with the client, we learned that different projects are not carried out simultaneously. This was helpful in determining the delivery time. The customer had a 30-day time budget for the vulture netting and the Saki monkey netting, and at that time the lion fence netting sizes had not been finalized, so production of the netting for the other two projects had to be scheduled first. Eventually, just as the 1/16″ order was about to be completed, the mesh size needed for the entire lion cage enclosure was finalized.

lion project mesh

All lion cage mesh fences are made with 1/8-inch cable with 4-inch mesh. This spec is a widespread material used for big cat enclosures such as lions and leopards. For more information, you can refer to our project case.

After a month of hard work by our workers, all the mesh was finally completed – the black oxidized stainless steel mesh will be more time-consuming and slightly more expensive than the regular natural color stainless steel mesh. But the result is really outstanding. No wonder almost all the customers ask for black oxidized cable mesh.

Since all custom stainless steel rope mesh is hand-woven mesh, sufficient production time needs to be set aside. Therefore it is very important to plan the budget and time frame of the project in advance.

Stainless steel mesh has so many excellent features

The stainless steel wire rope meshes are hand-woven or hand-ferruled using stainless steel wire rope. They are originally intended to be widely used; actually, it is the case nowadays, in zoos for the construction of animal enclosures, cages, and aviaries, so we call it “zoo mesh”.

You can create a natural environment totally enclosed with zoo mesh and replace unsightly chicken wire or non-metal mesh which require constant maintenance and suffer from a relatively short life as well.

The stainless steel wire mesh is available in bulk rolls and is also accepted in customized sizes. The mesh can be stretched to tightly fit a rigid structure and shape as designed or draped like a tent to make it flexible and reduce impact damage to flying birds or running animals.


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