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Outdoor Aviary Mesh for Birds

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh supplies high quality stainless steel outdoor aviary mesh for birds netting, which is very popular in Europe and America.


Hengyi’s outdoor aviary mesh for birds netting is hand-woven using soft stainless steel wire rope made of 304 and 316 material, which is flexible, durable and beautiful.


What building materials should we use for outdoor aviary mesh for bird?


Outdoor aviary mesh for birds comes in a variety of materials such as nylon mesh, galvanised mesh, hooked mesh, and even chicken wire.

These materials can’t be said to be bad, it’s just that in the design of a zoo or aviary, these bird netting materials are supposed to be for people’s enjoyment and need to be kept open all year round for many years of operation.

Therefore nylon mesh or rusty wire mesh etc. are not so suitable. Frequent replacement and maintenance of birdcage mesh will cost a huge amount of effort and money, and will also make the living condition of the birds unstable, and the safety of the birdhouse is not guaranteed.

It is true that galvanised mesh is more durable than nylon mesh, etc., but it has been proved in many ways that galvanised mesh is toxic and a threat to the health of birds.



Stainless steel outdoor aviary mesh for birds netting, on the other hand, is a very suitable material.


Firstly, stainless steel is strong and durable and does not need to be replaced frequently.

Secondly, stainless steel is non-toxic and harmless and will not affect the health of birds.


However can stainless steel be made into a lightweight and breathable bird aviary mesh?


Of course it can be made into soft mesh fabric. Stainless steel is made into fine wire by drawing and other processes. And the multiple strands of fine wire are then processed into a different structure of the wire rope. The wire rope is the material used to produce stainless steel rope netting. The use of 304 or 316 stainless steel wire rope after hand-woven, it becomes a different mesh mesh material.

The wire rope used for bird aviary cable netting is generally 1.2mm. And larger birds can use a thicker rope diameter such as 1.6mm, 2.0mm, etc. The wire rope is so thin rope diameter, is 7 * 7 structure. That is, each wire rope contains 49 fine wires. From such a structure, you can see how delicate such outdoor aviary mesh for birds is.

And such wire rope is very soft and flexible, the birdhouse mesh is also soft and suitable for various design shapes. With light weight and mesh structure, it will not block the sunlight air and rain.


outdoor aviary mesh for birds


Hengyi produces and supplies stainless steel outdoor aviary mesh for birds netting with mature production technology and rich experience. We mainly produce customised orders. Customers can tell us the required size according to the design requirements. And we can weave it according to the required size. This is very convenient for both design and installation.


Come and contact us for the latest information about outdoor bird cage mesh and stainless steel webnet sleeves mesh.


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