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Stainless Steel Handrail Mesh

Stainless steel handrail mesh is a product that uses stainless steel woven mesh or cable ferrule mesh to fill the handrail.


The frame of stainless steel handrail mesh can be made of steel, wood or other materials.

Handrail mesh is used for different purposes in different venues, and therefore requires different materials. But the general purpose is the same, which is to protect and isolate. To ensure safety and to isolate things that you don’t want people to come into contact with.



Why use stainless steel wire mesh?


Stainless steel handrail mesh has a distinctive grid fill that is relaxing. The beautiful appearance is a favorite.

Stainless steel mesh is very strong and durable and can be used in any environment.

Stainless steel mesh is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel for safety.


What buildings can stainless steel cable mesh be used in?

  • Fence handrails for zoos
  • Staircase handrail
  • Isolation mesh in public places
  • High-altitude fall prevention fence
  • Safety fences for playgrounds
  • Isolation fence for sports ground
  • Others you can think of


zoo fence made with stainless steel rope mesh


Stainless steel handrail mesh using wire rope mesh filling has two kinds of weaving process: woven mesh and ferruled mesh


Woven Wire Mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh and other wire mesh products in the weaving process is very different. Stainless steel rope mesh adopts pure handmade cross weaving, with the wire rope interspersed with each other winding way woven, is the machine can not be replaced by the weaving process! Because of the special nature of its hand-woven, so we pay special attention to the quality and softness in the selection of materials, usually we use 304/316 stainless steel, 7 × 7 / 7 × 19 structure of the stainless steel wire rope, which is soft and corrosion-resistant at the same time has a high tensile strength.


Cable ferrule mesh

The wire rope material used in cable ferrule mesh is the same as woven mesh, except that it uses oval ferrules to connect the two ropes together to form a mesh material. Ferrule nets are extremely decorative and very aesthetically pleasing.



Benefits of stainless steel rope mesh for handrail netting:

  1. high tensile strength, can effectively protect safety;
  2. soft, easy to shape, can be installed in various shapes of fence handrail;
  3. beautiful, good sight, give people an open view, so that people have a better viewing sight while isolating the danger;
  4. corrosion-resistant, long life, 304/316 stainless steel material to increase the durability of the fence, very suitable for outdoor construction;
  5. customized on demand, a variety of specifications to choose from, to avoid unnecessary waste, stainless steel rope mesh is a very cost-effective handrail mesh fence mesh products.


Stainless steel rope mesh has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as: home decoration, construction project protection, guard rail fence, animal fence netting, plant climbing and so on.

With the enhancement of people’s living environment and ecological awareness, people are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection. Stainless steel rope mesh is recyclable material, it can be utilized repeatedly, non-toxic and harmless. Installation and maintenance is very simple and convenient, without any toxic coating.



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