Fence Mesh for Large Birds Sent to the USA by FedEx

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Fence Mesh for Large Birds Sent to the USA by FedEx

Recently, we received a lot of purchase orders for monkey tunnel mesh. Indeed, stainless steel wire mesh is an excellent material for monkey enclosure. However, there are also many other applications for Hengyi’s fence mesh. Today, we sent the order of fence mesh for large birds to the United States by FedEx express.

For a small amount of the mesh, customers will choose to the door to door delivery service. It is very fast and convenient.

Usually, the specification of large birds fence mesh is 1/16″ cable diameter with 2″ mesh aperture. 

Red-crowned Crane Fence NettingFence Mesh for Large Birds

The stainless steel wire rope net of large birds produced by Hengyi can provide enough light and air for birds, and a good living environment will have a positive impact on their lives. At the same time, good light transmittance and viewing angle will not obstruct visitors’ sight.

The stainless steel wire rope net has a smooth surface, which not only protects the beautiful feathers of birds, but also makes the cage more delicate, and its maintenance-free feature highlights its economic benefits.
It has good flexibility and is called a flexible wire rope net, which can be applied to a variety of cage designs. It is beautiful, environmentally friendly, bite resistant, well ventilated, almost does not require any maintenance, and has a service life of more than 30 years.

Fence Mesh for Large Birds Applicable types: crane, flamingo, pheasant, peacock…

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