Black Oxide Cable Netting- Order Sent

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Black Oxide Cable Netting- ecozoomesh
How important is the material of the stainless steel cable net?

Black Oxide Cable Netting- Order Sent

Hengyi Metal Mesh order sent- Black Oxide Cable Netting and stainless steel color zoo fencing for the zoo construction have been shipped to our client.


   Black Oxide Cable Netting


Product: Black Oxide Cable Netting

Product ID: HY2451

Color: Black oxide and natural color

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel

Rope Diameter: 2.4mm

Mesh Aperture: 51mm×51mm

Mesh Panel Size: 1350 sq.m





Stainless steel rope net is a very flexible and soft zoo fencing construction material. It can be rolled into a roll and folded into a small volume. But actually, after it is unfolded, it can be installed to form a large animal enclosure or fence. This is why it seems that customers buy very little, in fact, its area is very large.
In addition, the lightweight nature of the stainless steel rope mesh makes it possible to choose a more convenient and fast mode of transportation – express delivery.
The black oxide stainless steel wire mesh is a very beautiful zoo fencing material. But its cost is a little higher than the natural color, so many customers make a collocation of natural and black. Considering both aesthetic and cost.

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