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Black Oxide Cable Netting- ecozoomesh

Safari and zoo Steel wire hand-woven mesh

Safari and zoo Steel wire hand-woven mesh, flexible stainless steel cable mesh

Black Oxide Cable Netting

Black Oxide Cable Netting has been widely praised as an upgrade of stainless steel cable netting mesh in recent years. Hengyi Metal Mesh (Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory) has developed a natural color stainless steel cable net through black oxidation treatment, making it a natural black net, more corrosion-resistant and better visual effect.

The black oxidized cable mesh is as good as the natural color mesh and is more resistant to corrosion. It is not painted to achieve the purpose of dyeing. Instead, a layer of oxide is coated to the surface of the mesh by black oxidation treatment. Therefore, re-staining also enhances corrosion resistance.

In the United States, there is a company that specializes in the black oxidation treatment of stainless steel mesh. If you know this company, you will know that black oxidation is a very good solution.

Black Oxide Cable Netting

Hengyi Metal Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory is a manufacturer that not only produces stainless steel cable mesh but also supports customized services.

Customization includes many aspects: mesh and rope diameter options, mesh panel size and cutting solutions, black oxidation treatment of the mesh, simple tools, and components required to provide mesh connection, remote installation instructions, and more.

Regarding the dimensions of the mesh panels, it is necessary to specify that the mesh panel is generally produced in a rectangular shape; the mesh of a special shape is also required to be produced according to the rectangular shape, and then the edges are fixed and then cut after the installation. Remember, you must not cut it first and then install. Since the mesh is in a contracted state before installation, rushing cutting can result in failure to install.

The application of Black Oxide Cable Netting (black oxidized cable mesh) is as extensive as the application of natural colored stainless steel cable mesh.

  • Animal enclosure fence
  • Zoo fencing
  • Aviary netting
  • Roof netting
  • Tunnel mesh system
  • Decoration net

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