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Stainless Steel Bird Netting Supplier

stainless steel bird netting, bird cage netting, bird netting fence

stainless steel bird netting, bird cage netting, bird netting fence

Stainless steel bird netting supplier- Hengyi metal ecological mesh ltd. manufacturer.

Production of various specifications of stainless steel bird netting. Established in 2005, and has a rich production experience and technology, products are sold all over the world. Is a professional stainless steel aviary netting supplier.

Stainless steel netting mesh is woven with stainless steel wire cables. Also known as bird wire rope mesh or stainless steel cable mesh for bird cages. It is currently the bird park, bird garden, and bird zoos commonly used protection netting.

The stainless steel birdcage netting is not the kind of cage that we see in the market with stainless steel columns, but a kind of wire rope woven mesh,  with good flexibility and softness. Like the following picture:

stainless steel bird netting, bird cage netting, bird netting fence

What are the advantages of stainless steel wire rope mesh?

First of all, the stainless steel rope netting is strong, tensile strength, for a variety of birds, can be safe protection. Such as eagles, parrots, peacocks, cranes, and so on. And birdcage netting is soft and flexible, can be arbitrary design, installed in a variety of birdcage shape, protect birds feathers.

Secondly, stainless steel wire rope mesh corrosion resistance, do not rust, do not need special maintenance, long service life. Also applies to various climatic conditions. Stainless steel bird mesh is very beautiful, and good vision, environmentally friendly. Can give the bird a spacious and comfortable living space, while giving visitors a good view.

Stainless steel wire cable mesh product Specifications:

Rope diameter: 1.6mm (1/16″)

Mesh hole: 51mmx51mm (2″x 2″)

Mesh size: customed according to the size of the cage.

stainless steel rope mesh, bird netting

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