Bird Aviary Enclosure Netting Order Sent

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Zoo Netting for Aviary Order Sent

Bird Aviary Enclosure Netting Order Sent

stainless steel rope mesh

This is an order from the zoo in the United States. The mesh pieces are for some small and medium-size bird aviary enclosure netting. They are in 1.5” and 1” mesh openings. These are the common options for bird aviary.

We supplied the stainless steel mesh to the zoos many years. Each year they would purchase the stainless steel wire mesh for different animal enclosures, Bird Aviary Enclosure Netting and fences.

We believe that all the zoos and parks would love the stainless steel mesh no matter in woven type or ferruled type. Because the wire cable mesh is remarkable. With endless and unlimited creative designing possibilities, stainless steel cable mesh is so popular among zoos and construction companies for that.

I bet everyone must know how strong the stainless steel would be. Yet, stainless steel could also be very soft and flexible in some aspects. The stainless steel could be drawn into a very thin wire by machine. It was impossible before but now technology changes everything. And then, several thin wires will be wrapped into a strand, and then strands into a wire cable.

bird aviary enclosure netting

Usually, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh uses the 7 x 7 strands and 7 x 19 strands wire ropes to weave the nets. These are the most flexible structure in wire cables. And for aviary nets, it will use the 7 x 7 strands wire ropes.

Some people may not know well about the stainless steel aviary mesh. They might think the mesh was made by a machine. Truly wrong, the mesh netting – both small holes bird aviary enclosure netting and tiger fence in thicker cable – is hand-woven.

Time schedule would be an important issue for a project like building zoo enclosures. You need to consider the budget and animal’s situation and the whole project process. And the stainless steel mesh is customized, and hand-woven. Therefore, please make sure that allow enough time for zoo enclosure mesh production and shipping.

We have been working with this client for many years, and they are a very famous architectural design firm in the United States. Their stainless steel rope mesh projects involve many aspects, including zoo cages, bird garden construction, safety nets, stadium fences, and more. This time the order is for materials procured for aviary construction.

Excellent quality and thoughtful service have won us many long-term customers. We are willing to be a supplier trusted by customers. Contact us: [email protected] / [email protected]

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