Parrot mesh, parrot aviary panels

Black stainless steel aviary netting
Hand woven stainless steel cable mesh for bird netting

Parrot mesh, parrot aviary panels

parrot cage netting, parrot cage fence

Mesh For Parrot mesh, stainless steel parrot mesh

Stainless steel wire rope mesh has very good flexibility, can be applied to a variety of parrot cage shape design, and it’s beautiful, eco-friendly, resistant to bite, good ventilation, do not need any maintenance, more than 30 years service life.
There are many kinds of stainless steel rope mesh, we collectively referred to as the wire mesh. But according to the weaving process, stainless steel wire mesh is very widely. Hengyi eco zoo mesh factory mainly for everyone to introduce the stainless steel wire rope metal mesh. Stainless steel rope metal mesh is multi-strand multi-wire stainless steel wire rope braided, raw materials for the 304 or 316 stainless steel, hand-woven stainless steel wire rope interspersed with each other, intertwined to form a mesh knot, will not damage the chemical composition of wire rope, and the net Knot will not change, this ensures that the mesh aperture of stainless steel wire rope metal mesh, as shown below:
stainless steel wire rope mesh for parrot mesh, parrot cage netting, parrot cage

stainless steel wire rope mesh for parrot cage netting, parrot cage

Hengyi manufacturers unique weaving technology and high-grade raw materials give parrot aviary mesh, parrot cage netting excellent characteristics, mainly in the following:

1.Strong and durable, anti-pull, breaking strong, long time to withstand heavy pressure;
2.Stainless steel birdcage net corrosion-resistant, no rust, suitable for all kinds of the outdoor environment, no maintenance, long service life;
3.Soft, flexible, free to fold and install, installation parrot cage shape is not limited;
4.Stainless steel wire rope mesh for parrot mesh do not block the line of sight, beautiful, good decorative performance;
5.Various specifications, according to user requirements custom mesh panel size;
6. Green, non-toxic harmless, reusable.

stainless steel parrot mesh

stainless steel wire rope netting, steel cable mesh, wire rope mesh

stainless steel zoo fence netting


Commonly used stainless steel cable mesh, parrot cage netting, parrot cage, parrot fence netting specification Parameters:
Product ID: Mesh1230
Rope Diameter: 1.2mm(3/64″)
Mesh Aperture: 30x30mm(1.2″×1.2″)
Material: SUS304 Stainless steel
Mesh Size: Customized according to customer needs.

Left Picture Show:
The black background size is 1 foot x1 foot, the mesh specification is 3/64 “x1.2″ x1.2” (1.2mmx30mmx30mm), you can intuitive to see the number of mesh holes in 1 sq. ft area, which will help you choose the appropriate specification according to the requirements.

Stainless steel bird mesh, parrot cage netting, parrot cage, parrot fence netting (a kind of stainless steel wire rope mesh, stainless steel cable mesh, wire rope netting) is Flexible, Soft, Strong tension, Beautiful, Corrosion resistance, No rust, Good view, Does not need maintenance, Long service life, etc.

Stainless steel aviary mesh– wire rope mesh 1230 is widely used in all kinds of parrot netting. Such as Toucan cage netting, Budgerigar fence mesh, Lorikeet cages, Cacatua mesh fencing, Parakeet exhibit netting, Cockatoo protection mesh, Parrotlet netting, Amazon parrot cage mesh, African Grey Parrot netting, lory cage protection mesh, conure fencing, love birds netting, etc.

Wire rope material & diameter:

Handwoven wire mesh choice high-quality stainless steel wire rope, material have SUS304 and SUS316;
● In general, the material SUS 304 is the main material, can meet the needs of most areas, and the SUS 316 material mainly used for wet environments, like the seaside.
● The wire rope diameter is 3/64″(1.2mm)
● The wire rope structure is 7 x 7
● The Min. breaking load (KN) is 1.2KN

Product Packaging and Shipping:

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is very flexible and soft, can be arbitrarily folded, his packaging and shipping are very convenient.
1. Fold the stainless steel rope mesh into square
2. Tie it up with a rope
3. Packaging with plastic woven fabric
4. Fixed the stainless steel net on the pallet, waits for the transportation
5. Factory direct delivery
6. In accordance with the customer designated mode of transport, transport of goods

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