Zoo Netting for Aviary Order Sent

Bird Aviary Enclosure Netting Order Sent
black stainless steel wire cable mesh is very suitable for animal enclosures designing
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Zoo Netting for Aviary Order Sent

The black zoo netting for aviary order sent to the USA, United States.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory currently has a variety of zoo netting for aviary and bird nets in stock. If you happen to have an aviary project that requires small opening mesh zoo nets, please feel free to contact us for more information on wire cable nets in stock.

This week’s shipping orders are black zoo nets used on the aviary. At present, zoo cable netting sent to the United States is usually shipped by express (like FedEx) or by normal air freight to the airport. The shipment was sent to the United States by normal air freight.

Zoo Netting for AviaryZoo Netting for Aviary

Stainless steel mesh has many advantages to be shipped by air.

First of all, the price will be much cheaper than other light goods. Since the wire cable mesh is soft and can be folded like cloth, the package size is smaller. The smaller the size, the cheaper the price. This will save the client a budget, especially during difficult times like these two years.

Secondly, the shipping time will be much faster than by sea. Shipping by sea requires a long transit time, so if the time budget is not sufficient, the loss cannot be afforded. The air transportation time is usually about 5 days, and the specific situation is determined according to the transportation situation at that time.

If you choose to arrange the shipment yourself, we will also fully cooperate with the shipment. Hengyi Ecological Metal Mesh not only provides high-quality products but also provides high-quality services. All the documents that need to be prepared by us, we will prepare them as soon as possible. The delivery of stainless steel zoo mesh is relatively simple; just prepare the corresponding customs clearance documents.

Zoo Netting for Aviary

Black zoo netting for aviary and other zoo nets are usually packaged in sturdy PP woven bags.

This kind of packaging is waterproof, light in weight, does not require fumigation, and fully complies with export inspection and quarantine requirements. For forklift handling, we also use pallet packaging.

All in all, we will consider our customers first. From ordering stainless steel bird nets to quoting, payment, arranging production, and finally shipping, we will communicate with you to achieve better arrangements.

If you need us to quote and provide more information, please feel free to email us.

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