Wire Rope Aviary Mesh Ferrules

Stainless Steel Wire Zoo Net
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Wire Rope Aviary Mesh Ferrules

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Wire rope aviary mesh ferrules and cable woven wire mesh are a kind of wire rope mesh fabrication made of stainless steel cable ropes and steel ferrules. Compared with the ferrule cable net, the wire rope woven net is a more suitable material for bird aviary mesh nets.

For many small birds, it is not easy for the zoo to build an aviary close to nature for them. The designer needs to consider that the body of the small bird is very small, so a smaller mesh is required to ensure the safety of the bird.

However, the too dense a screen will restrict light exposure and air circulation. The setting of the natural environment in the aviary should also be reasonable, not only with real plants such as big trees, flowers, and grass, but also a nest for birds to inhabit and eat.

Wire rope aviary mesh ferrules and cable woven wire mesh

The smallest specifications of the stainless steel wire rope aviary mesh ferrules and wire cable aviary mesh are very suitable for the construction of small birds. The rope diameter of 1.2mm and the apertures of 20mm and 25mm function perfectly for the safety of the birdhouse.

Wire Rope Aviary Mesh Ferrules

Moreover, the diamond mesh also solves the problems of insufficient light and air circulation. The plants in the aviary can also grow very well, providing a fun place for the birds.

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