bird netting fence, aviary mesh, bird cages

Black aviary mesh
bronze color steel cable mesh
New product-bronze stainless mesh

bird netting fence, aviary mesh, bird cages

bird cage netting, bird cage fence, bird fence, bird netting fence

Stainless steel wire woven mesh is widely used for various bird netting fence, aviary mesh, big bird cages, bird cage netting. Commonly used Bird park, all kinds of type of bird netting, parrot cages, ostrich fence, flamingo cages fence.

Stainless steel wire woven mesh is a kind of eco zoo mesh/ zoo fence/ zoo netting/ zoo cages. It is made of 304 & 316 stainless steel ropes, hand woven, and can be customed a variety of specifications and bird cage fence netting panel size. It is Flexible, Soft, Strong tension, Beautiful, Corrosion resistance, No rust, Good view, Does not need maintenance, Long service life, and can be arbitrary design & installation.

Commonly specification of bird netting fence, aviary mesh, bird cages:

Material: stainless steel 304&316

Color: stainless steel & black & copper

Ropes diameter: 5/64″, 3/64″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″

Mesh aperture: 4/5″x 4/5″, 1″x 1″, 1.2″x 1.2″, 1.5″x 1.5″, 2″x 2″, 2.4″x 2.4″, 3″x 3″

Suitable for birds include: Parrot, Budgerigar, Budgie, Cockatoo, Macaw, Small birds, Crane, Crowned crane, Peacock, pheasant, Flamingo, Crested Ibis, Waterfowl, Ostrich ect.

Stainless steel wire woven mesh for bird netting fence, aviary mesh, bird cages:

Stainless steel wire woven mesh for bird netting fence, aviary mesh, bird cages

Mesh aperture:
● Mesh aperture is the mesh hole size, is the distance from knot center to knot center.
● Stainless steel wire woven mesh is pure hand-woven, so it also be called as hand woven stainless steel wire rope mesh or stainless steel rope braid mesh. Every knotting crossing twice by hand, ensure the hole never variant.
● Hand woven stainless steel netting hole size is diverse.
● We accept custom mesh size, whether so large, so small, our steel cable mesh can be very suit your design.
Stainless steel wire woven mesh for bird netting fence, aviary mesh, bird cages

Wire rope material & diameter:
● Handwoven stainless steel mesh choice high quality stainless steel wire rope, material have SUS304 and SUS316;
● In general, the material SUS 304 is the main material, can meet the needs of most areas, and the SUS 316 material mainly used for wet environment, like seaside.


Stainless steel wire woven mesh for bird netting fence, aviary mesh, bird cages

Product Packaging and Shipping:

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is very flexible and soft, can be arbitrarily folded, his packaging and shipping is very convenient.
1. Fold the stainless steel rope mesh into square
2. Tie it up with a rope
3. Packaging with plastic woven fabric
4. Fixed the stainless steel net on the pallet, waits for the transportation
5. Factory direct delivery
6. In accordance with the customer designated mode of transport, transport of goods.

How to place an order:
1. Contact us. We will confirm the raw materials with you according to the application environment. Stainless steel 304 is suitable for most cases; Stainless steel 316 is better in corrosion resistant and suitable for oceanic climate.
2.We will confirm the specifications and sizes and give you the most reasonable proposal according to the application purpose.
3. Our sales persons will confirm with you the prices, delivery date and shipment method, etc.
4. Before placing an order, you are suggested to request a sample of selected specification. The sample is free and we guarantee the final product is consistent with this sample.
5. Confirm the order and make the down payment.
6. We will produce with a plan.
7. You can come to inspect the products after production is completed; then we will demand the balance and arrange shipment according to your requirement.
8. 7*24 after-sales consultation.
9. Regular post-sales contacts. Your suggestions are welcome and will be helpful for us to enhance our products and services.

More details, welcome  feel free to contact us:
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