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Aviary Netting Suppliers Order Shipping

Aviary Netting Suppliers in the USA, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh supplies various aviary netting and bird enclosure mesh from China.

During the many aviary netting suppliers, why we won the trust of the customers?

Meeting the international standards is absolutely the first matter. The aviary mesh panels all made of high-quality 304 or 316-grade stainless steel.

Each piece dimension can be customized and fit for the customers’ requirements would be another reason. This also can simplify the installation.

Aviary netting suppliers

First-class quality and service are important reasons for our customers to maintain a cooperative relationship with us.

Last week, we completed the aviary netting including the 2″ mesh opening and the 1″ mesh opening. The 2″ mesh aperture is suitable for large size birds such as crane fences, flamingo enclosures, peacock aviary netting; and the 1″ mesh aperture is more suitable for small birds as parrots aviary mesh, finches aviary netting, and love birds fences, budgerigar woven net fence

In the bird park construction project, there would be many kinds of birds, therefore, multiple stainless steel mesh specifications are required. Please do select the trust and professional aviary netting suppliers

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