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304 and 316 grade stainless steel aviary mesh is the safer wire mesh products for aviaries.

In the past, many pet birds lived a lonely, miserable life in a small birdcage. People are increasingly aware that birds need better care, which means that 36% of birds will be placed in more suitable outdoor aviaries.

Hengyi Metal Mesh (ecozoomesh) supports the animal welfare of the zoo and parks. We encourage humans to consider the welfare of animals. That’s why we offer a wide variety of bird aviary nets and animal enclosure mesh for custom high-quality bird aviaries and animal enclosures.

Birds need to be free to spread their wings. Hengyi wire mesh products for aviaries give you the ability to build a comfortable aviary for these precious birds.

The following are the basic requirements for building an aviary:

For a pair of birds exhibit, the width needs to be at least three times their wings.

Habitats should have enough room for birds to flap their wings without scraping their tail feathers into the fence.

The minimum height of the aviary should be three times the length of the head to the tail of the largest bird. And if more than one or more species are raised in the cage, it needs to be increased accordingly.

There should be enough room for the bird to fully stretch its wings and fly without the fence or walls hurting the bird’s wings or feathers.

Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements, and commercial birds such as zoos or wildlife sanctuaries should allow more space for their birds.

wire mesh products for aviaries

wire mesh products for aviaries


Whether it’s Lovebirds, Budgerigars, Finches, Canaries or Cockatiels, Chickens, Peacocks or Turkeys, Hengyi Metal Mesh will be the perfect companion for your dream aviary.


Hengyi Metal Mesh is one of China’s most experienced suppliers of bird aviary mesh nets, wire mesh products for aviaries, which can produce custom-sized wire diameters, mesh aperture sizes, mesh panel widths and lengths.


We use the most sophisticated technology to achieve superior precision throughout the manufacturing process, including aperture size, wire diameter, and wire mesh panels size.

The mesh size is usually 10m*20m (height*width). And the production size of the mesh can be adjusted according to the specific application and product specifications.


Hengyi Metal Mesh is concerned about customer satisfaction. Our factory offers customized services including material, aperture size, wire diameter and mesh panel size. Our production line is designed to meet your needs with fast, highly flexible adaptability.

Welcome your inquiry about wire mesh products for aviaries.

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