Steel wire fence mesh for aviary netting-ecozoomesh

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Steel wire fence mesh for aviary netting-ecozoomesh

Steel wire fence mesh for aviary netting-ecozoomesh

The steel wire fence mesh for aviary netting is a common application. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel cable flexible mesh and stainless steel cable woven mesh.

Steel wire fence mesh for bird forests or bird gardens. Our products are sold at home and abroad. The main features of the product are “safety, beauty, durability, and environmental protection.” Compared with the products of the same industry, Hengyi steel wire fence mesh has unparalleled advantages.

The steel wire fence mesh features:

▶No burr on mesh surface.

▶Economical and environmental protection.

▶Aesthetic appearance and solid structure.

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How to use steel wire fence mesh to build a natural bird house?

As one of the most widely used paradise forms in animal themes, the same is true for the bird theme park project. How to design a more ecological and natural bird aviary? How to ensure the joyful life of the living birds and ensure the visitors’ experience?

  1. Match the characteristics of the project.

There are great differences in climate conditions between the north and the south of many countries. In many parts of the north, the winter is long, and the air in the south and coastal cities is humid. How to choose a bird cage that is resistant to wind and snow and is not easy to rust and is not corroded by seawater is a problem.

  1. In line with bird feeding habits.

Birds kept in the Birds Theme Park project usually have poultry, waders, raptors, songbirds, birds and some special birds. Therefore, when designing bird enclosures, it is necessary to design ventilation conditions, drainage systems, easy to clean, and more ecological and more natural enclosure buildings.

  1. Make full use of resources, both practical and aesthetic.

Incorporating the characteristics of lakes, wetlands, animals, and plants, and using native plants to restore the living environment of bird habitats, creating a characteristic bird watching houses and bird viewing areas.


If using the steel wire fence mesh to build your aviary, all that won’t be problems.


The steel wire fence mesh applications:

▶Arrange a neat zoo and comfortable and safe conditions for visitors.

▶Form an artificial ecosystem to try to provide natural life for birds.


Specifications of steel wire fence mesh for aviary netting:

  • Materials: stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L.
  • Wire diameter: 1.2mm–2.4 mm.
  • Hole sizes: 20mm–76 mm (the distance of the adjacent mesh knot distance).


More detail, see products page.

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