Cable Mesh Fencing Price-ecozoomesh

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Cable Mesh Fencing Price-ecozoomesh

cable mesh fencing price

Cable Mesh Fencing Price-ecozoomesh

Hengyi cable mesh fencing price, factory price, is relatively stable. In foreign trade, raw material and exchange rate fluctuations are involved, and the price will be slightly adjusted.

The pricing of the wire mesh industry is generally somewhat unstable. In general, since the wire mesh market is closely related to the metal market, price fluctuations in the metal market will affect the cable mesh fencing price. In addition, because there are many different specifications and countless ways to buy cable mesh, and foreign trade also involves exchange rate issues, the pricing of screens is not always straightforward.

Below are some of our special explanations for some common pricing related issues.

What is the unit for cable mesh fencing price?

In general, stainless steel wire mesh fences are priced in two units, one is square meters and the other is square feet.

When a customer selects the required specifications, we will make a detailed quotation based on the quantity provided by the customer, including the unit price, total price, and product description.

For example: 10m×4m=40m 2×$17.5=$700


cable mesh fencing price

Does the cable mesh fencing price include shipping cost?

Unless otherwise stated, the stainless steel wire cable mesh price generally does not include shipping costs. All we offer are FOB prices, shipping costs will be listed separately, or you can pay to the courtier.

Is there a cable mesh fencing price available on the website?

Since the customers who use stainless steel fences are all customized services. The size and specifications are different, so the price of the product is not indicated on the website. You can email or leave a message and we will send you a detailed quotation based on your specific requirements.

About the cost of the sample

Samples are not specified in size, generally, less than one square meter can be provided free of charge, and the freight should be borne by the requester.

Sample fees are required to specify sample size and style.

Payment terms

Payment conditions for Hengyi stainless steel wire cable mesh

Payment terms shall be 30% advance by T/T and the balance before shipment.


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