Resumption of Work- Hengyi China Zoo Mesh Factory

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Resumption of Work- Hengyi China Zoo Mesh Factory

Resumption of Work- Hengyi China Zoo Mesh Factory

In March, Hengyi Metal Mesh Company resumed work and the factory started production normally. As a China zoo mesh factory, Hengyi became the first batch of work resumed.

At present, the outbreak in China has been completely controlled. This means that most industries in China can get back to work. For our customers, the Hengyi factory also actively applied for resumption of work. After the review, the government approved our resumption of work. The stainless steel animal enclosure mesh net orders can be produced by regular production. Thank you for the customers’ understanding and support.

As recently as February, a customer was concerned about not being able to receive the cargo due to many flight cancellations. We actively contacted the transportation company to find a way to send the cargo to the airport before the flight was canceled, and the customer received the mesh smoothly.

During working at home, we still receive a large number of inquiries and orders. All this comes from the trust of customers. They trust our factories and products. We are honored to be able to make high-quality products, serve the world’s major zoos, and win the trust of so many customers. We will also continue our efforts to provide the best products to customers to meet the needs of zoos and architectural design customers.

China Zoo Mesh Factory
China Zoo Mesh Factory


Cooperation and communication with customers is also an important part of collaboration.

Every inquiry from the customer asking about the stainless steel wire mesh will be taken seriously, and we will notify the quotation and detailed information in the shortest time. All information needs to be communicated multiple times before the order is determined. For example, the rope diameter, hole diameter, material of the selected stainless steel woven mesh, and the panel size of the stainless steel mesh, how to divide it, etc. Every time we will provide as more information to the customer to save their time. It turns out that customers are very satisfied with this service and method.

In the following time, Hengyi will continue to work hard to provide you with quality products and satisfactory services. Welcome all customers to contact us to get the China Zoo Mesh Factory price.

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