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Flexible Metal Wire Net Supplier

There are many wire mesh suppliers in China, but none of them is a specialized flexible metal wire net supplier. And Hengyi Metal Mesh is a factory that supplies flexible metal wire net (stainless steel wire cable mesh), and the only product is this.

The flexible wire net mentioned here is the woven wire mesh material made of high-quality stainless steel instead of ordinary materials such as nylon thread. The multi-layered and delicate stainless steel wire is twisted into a rope. And the wire rope is woven into a net by our workers, which is flexible and strong, non-rusting and durable.

Flexible metal wire net is available in a variety of specifications including material, rope diameter, hole size, and color. The mesh nets are produced after receiving the order. And the size is completely produced according to your order requirements, which reduces waste.

Hengyi Metal Mesh is open to all users, while the most used are zoos, bird parks, and architectural companies and so on. These groups of users all have a characteristic; they are long-term operations, requiring high-quality products and long service life so that they can create the most practical value for them.

And our products- flexible metal wire net just meet these high-quality requirements.

  • Excellent quality. The mesh net made of AISI304/316 stainless steel.
  • Long-lasting life. Extremely long service life, over 30 years.
  • More advantages. Factory price, direct control quality, safety and security.

flexible metal wire net supplier

Although there is only one type of product of ours, we have always been keeping in developing and updating. Update production accuracy and update production techniques.

In recent years, very good results have been achieved in oxidation dyeing of flexible metal wire net, and the black oxidized stainless steel rope net and the bronze stainless steel rope net have been introduced.

Black oxidized flexible metal wire mesh is very popular among customers. Compared with natural stainless steel wire rope, black has more advantages.

Visually, the black oxidized mesh blends better with the surrounding environment to protect vision.

In terms of quality, the black flexible metal wire net is more resistant to corrosion than the original color stainless steel rope mesh.


Choose a flexible metal wire net supplier, choose Hengyi Metal Mesh, you choose quality and guarantee. Welcome your information for more details: [email protected].


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