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Flexible Cable Fencing for Tiger Enclosure- ecozoomesh

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Flexible Cable Fencing for Tiger Enclosure

The flexible cable fencing of the tiger enclosure is made of a strong 3.2mm rope diameter flexible cable, which is ideal for fierce animal fences. Due to the strong climbing ability of feline, they can be designed with a folding back at the top of the fence to prevent the tiger from climbing the fence out of the enclosure.

The flexible cable fencing is not only strong but also very flexible. When animals run very fast in the habitat, they don’t have to worry about hitting the fence and getting hurt. This is also the original intention of the zoo to use flexible cable mesh, not only to prevent animals from escaping, but also to protect animals from harm.

The flexible cable fencing is known for its flexibility, strength, weather resistance, and long-lasting performance and has a service life of more than 30 years.

So how is such flexible cable fencing produced?

Hengyi Metal Mesh – Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory has been engaged in flexible cable mesh for more than 20 years and has rich production experience. From raw materials to processing, to finished products, we are subject to rigorous testing. All products are fully compliant with international standards.

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Manufacturer: Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co. Ltd.

Product: Flexible cable fencing (flexible cable mesh)

Material: AISI304/316

Processing: hand-woven

Mesh shape: Diamond mesh

Color: stainless steel natural color, black oxidation, bronze

Mesh panel size: customized according to customer requirements.




Flexible cable fencing is available in a variety of sizes, rope diameters, mesh hole sizes, and panel sizes that can be selected and customized to suit the application.

The flexible cable mesh can be used not only as a fence mesh, but also in various shapes and shapes such as a cylinder, an umbrella, a circle, and the like.

The flexible cable fencing meets the designer’s pursuit of beauty and combines practicality and aesthetics perfectly. This makes modern zoos more and more popular with tourists. It also provides animals with better welfare and living environment.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of flexible cable mesh, Hengyi Metal Mesh is constantly improving and advancing with the aim of providing customers with satisfactory products and services.

For more details on the product or about us, please feel free to contact us.


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