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China’s best flexible metal mesh supplierHengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Co. Ltd.(Hengyi Metal Mesh). The factory directly connects customers, with factory prices and quality products. For a variety of specifications to choose from, custom sizes can meet different needs.

The flexible metal mesh is woven from AISI 304/316 stainless steel wire rope. It is an inventive material. It has the characteristics of stainless steel without rust, no corrosion, toughness, and durability, but also soft and elastic. The combination of these two properties makes the flexible metal wire mesh a perfect indoor and outdoor building material.

The structure of stainless steel flexible metal mesh wire rope is divided into two types: 7*7 and 7*19.

As shown in the picture:

flexible metal mesh

The wire rope is a spiral wire bundle that is twisted together according to certain rules for mechanical properties and geometrical dimensions. The wire rope is firstly made up of a multi-layer steel wire, and then the rope core is centered, and a certain number of strands are twisted into a spiral rope. The wire rope has high strength, lightweight, stable work, and it is not easy to break the whole root and work reliably.

The stainless steel rope mesh woven from such high-quality steel wire rope is elastic, tough and durable.

In recent years, many domestic and foreign zoos, bird parks and parks have used flexible metal mesh to design and build animal enclosures and exhibits. It has very good effects in terms of aesthetics and safety.

For different applications, suitable specifications should be used to achieve the best function.

Hengyi Metal Mesh has decades of experience in zoo mesh industry which is a flexible metal mesh supplier. We can recommend the most suitable specifications of flexible metal mesh and mesh panel solutions options.

flexible metal mesh

Welcome to inquiry us with your questions and requirements, we will provide you with the most detailed solutions.

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