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Flexible Cable Mesh with Various Designs-ecozoomesh

Flexible cable mesh is known for its flexible and tough properties. Hengyi Metal Mesh focuses on the production of flexible cable mesh, so it is professional because of its specificity.

The flexible cable mesh can also be called stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel rope mesh, zoo fence, and the like. Its characteristics have been described in particular before. No rust, corrosion resistance, good perspective, soft and tough. These are not repeated today.

What I want to introduce to you today is how the flexible cable mesh is flexible in the application.

flexible cable mesh

Flexible cable mesh – animal tunnel mesh

The animal tunnel mesh is a new type of design that is very popular in modern zoos. It was first applied to primates such as monkeys and later to felines and other animals.

The animal tunnel mesh utilizes the characteristics of a flexible cable mesh, with a stainless steel frame or ring as a support, and the flexible mesh is designed as a cylinder or other shaped passage, which provides a great extension for the animal’s active area and entertainment.


Flexible cable mesh – Tree Crown-shaped Aviary

The tree crown-shaped aviary is a large bird or bird-land forest netting that is roughly crowned or umbrella-shaped. One or several pillars in the middle support the flexible cable mesh, and the surrounding is fixed with the fence or wall to form a huge walk-in aviary.

This large aviary mesh not only utilizes the softness of the flexible wire mesh but also utilizes the light transmission and air permeability of the flexible mesh. The aviary does not affect lighting, air circulation, and rain. And the stainless steel woven mesh is very light and will be easily supported.

The tree crown-shaped aviary greatly narrows the distance between humans and animals. Visitors can feel the natural atmosphere in the forest of birds, which is a very common application in large bird parks or zoos at home and abroad.

flexible cable mesh

Flexible cable mesh – a variety of design

Regardless of the design of a circle, square, triangle or irregular shape, the flexible cable mesh can meet the design requirements. After cutting and stretching, the beautiful design will appear in front of your eyes.

There are more creative designs waiting for you to develop. Hengyi Metal Mesh is willing to help you to provide you with materials that meet your creative design.

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