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Flexible wire mesh trellis

The flexible wire mesh trellis is named for its appearance. The mesh grid is diamond-shaped or square, and the perspective is very good. Flexible wire mesh trellis can provide a space for climbing green plants, and it is also known for the zoo mesh.

The flexible wire mesh trellis produced by Hengyi Metal Mesh is also called stainless steel flexible net, flexible cable woven mesh, zoo wire mesh, and flexible aviary wire netting and so on. It is hand-woven from AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel wire rope.

Because of flexible metal woven wire mesh softness, it can be woven by hand, and the machine has no way to make such a beautiful and durable product. Because of its toughness, it can be used in any environment, not afraid of biting and impact of unexpected objects.

How does flexible wire mesh trellis do this? This is due to the nature of its raw materials.

Stainless steel flexible wire mesh, the raw material is stainless steel wire rope, no rust, not easy to corrode, soft and tough, good perspective, lightweight, good installation. The service life of flexible wire mesh trellis is more than 30 years. It can be applied to any environment indoors and outdoors. The cost of such a product is higher than that of a general plastic or welded mesh. But the advantages are very obvious, maintenance-free, and economical.

Modern zoos, construction engineering, and design companies have realized the advantages of flexible metal woven wire mesh and fully exploited it as a raw material for architectural design.

The use in the zoo makes the flexible wire metal mesh widely known. It can adapt to a variety of shapes, so animal exhibit designers can design a variety of irregularly shaped pavilions and enclosures.

Please see some examples below:

flexible wire mesh trellis
flexible wire mesh trellis, Birds aviary netting mesh10

In Europe and America, there are many of our customers, most of them are zoos and architectural design companies. We maintain a long-term cooperative relationship. Because Hengyi Metal Mesh is a factory, we directly connect customers. Not only the quality of the flexible wire mesh trellis is guaranteed, but also the price has great advantages. And we can also provide customized product panel size and provide after-sales service according to customer requirements. This is also the biggest reason why customers choose us.

If you are worried that the enclosure mesh material will not meet your design, then it is recommended that you consider the flexible wire mesh trellis (stainless steel woven flexible mesh). It will definitely give you unexpected results.

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