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Flexible Wire Mesh

The flexible wire mesh is a diamond mesh product hand-woven from stainless steel wire rope.

Flexible wire mesh, also known as stainless steel woven mesh, flexible woven mesh, stainless steel elastic mesh, is a stainless steel wire rope mesh. Because stainless steel wire mesh has good flexibility, they are named.

Flexible wire mesh, wire rope mesh, woven mesh, and stainless steel rope woven mesh can be divided into two categories according to the production process: woven and pressed.

These two types of mesh both have very good flexibility, but the woven flexible wire mesh is more durable and lower in cost than the pressed type.


Today we will introduce the flexible wire mesh of Hengyi Metal Mesh– eco zoomesh.

flexible wire mesh, Flexible Barrier for animal enclosure

In addition to good flexibility, the flexible wire woven mesh has strong tensile strength. And it  is resistant to damage caused by animal bites, human or accidental factors. It can be said to be both soft and tough.

The woven flexible wire mesh is mainly used for zoo animal fences, animal enclosures, architectural decoration nets, sports field protection nets and stair safety nets, and the like. Based on these two characteristics, Hengyi Metal Mesh is free to produce animal enclosures and protective nets of various panel sizes for customers.

In addition, the woven flexible wire mesh (stainless steel flexible cable mesh) is made of imported AISI 304 / 304L, 316 / 316L stainless steel wire rope, corrosion-resistant, rust-free. The line of sight is good and the visual impairment of people and animals is reduced as much as possible. After the investment, no maintenance is required in the middle. It can be used in any environment, indoors and outdoors. The service life is over 30 years.

flexible wire mesh

Hengyi Metal Mesh is a company integrating wire mesh research, development and production. We offer customized services. The specifications, dimensions and materials of the products can be customized according to the actual situation and customer requirements. It will fully meet the requirements of different customers.

Hengyi Metal Mesh is a Chinese factory that directly connects customers, eliminating intermediate costs and has very competitive factory prices.

Hengyi Meal Mesh provides free samples. We promise that the quality of the sample is consistent with the quality of the goods.

We have many years of experience in production and sales, specializing in the production of various flexible wire mesh and wire rope nets. We always put integrity and quality first. Many products are not only sold throughout the country, but also exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries. After working with many customers, we have established long-term relationships with these customers.


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