Wild Animal Sanctuary Enclosure Mesh-eco zoo mesh

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Wild Animal Sanctuary Enclosure Mesh-eco zoo mesh

Wild Animal Sanctuary Enclosure Mesh-eco zoo mesh

Hengyi supplies stainless steel wire mesh for wild animal sanctuary enclosure mesh of various species, including big cats, black bears, small cats like servals, raccoons, primates, wolf, and birds.

Wire mesh, also known as diamond mesh or screen mesh, is a general-purpose metal product that can be effectively used in countless applications worldwide. Popular uses of wire mesh include stainless steel wire mesh for filters, steel wire mesh for animal enclosure barrier fence, and safety wire mesh for bridge staircase construction. From industrial to commercial applications, wire mesh is a common metal product for many daily uses.

Hengyi Metal Mesh – wire mesh material types include:

Wild Animal Sanctuary Enclosure Mesh

Whether you are looking for flexible materials such as aviary roof net or black color materials such as stainless steel black oxide wire mesh, you can find them at the trusted wire mesh supplier Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh.

Our customers always call the stainless steel wire mesh as eco zoo mesh. Because the materials are recyclable, stainless steel Wild Animal Sanctuary Enclosure Mesh can be used for many years.

The designers are also emailed us that they like our meshes cause they give you the feeling of not barriers between the public and the animal. And also the installation of the mesh panels is relatively simple.

In cooperation with us, you can choose a variety of transportation methods. According to the number of goods, you can choose air freight, sea freight, or express delivery. Ensure the best price and fastest delivery time.

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