Cable Netting Animal Mesh – Opening Viewing Fences

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Cable Netting Animal Mesh – Opening Viewing Fences

Black stainless steel wire rope mesh

Black stainless steel wire rope mesh

Since Carl Hagenbeck first introduced open viewing fences in Hamburg in the early 20th century, its ultimate goal is to display animals in an environment that is as close as possible to natural habitat without the use of invasive fences. Although traditional cages and fences have not completely disappeared, especially for dangerous animals. However, there is a clear trend to replace heavy cage structures with other types of fences. Cable Netting Animal Mesh helps realize this trend.

Cable Netting Animal Mesh (Stainless steel wire mesh)- Opening viewing fences or enclosures from Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh have become a new fashion and trend. People can observe animals through a transparent grid. And animals can also see the sky and sunlight unimpeded.

Indeed, the main benefit provided by the stainless steel wire mesh for the zoo is the lightweight structure. This actually eliminates the viewing barriers that traditional fences may cause.

Cable Netting Animal Mesh

However, the benefits of transparency are not limited to people visiting the zoo. The animals themselves seem to appreciate it too. For example, the zoo’s squirrels began to show a marked increase in birth rate shortly after they were transferred to the new enclosure.

Hengyi’s ecological mesh allows the construction of the enclosures and aviaries of most terrestrial animal species. Because of the size and elasticity of the mesh structure can be adjusted to suit specific requirements by selecting an appropriate diameter steel wire rope.

That is why the lightweight stainless steel wire mesh is more and more popular. And, as the manufacturer and supplier of this excellent material, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh provides countless eco mesh to zoos and construction companies.

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