Australia Zoo Primate Enclosure, Zoo Monkey Tunnel Mesh

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Australia Zoo Primate Enclosure, Zoo Monkey Tunnel Mesh

Hengyi Metal Mesh order completed and delivered to Western Australia- Australia Zoo Primate Enclosure.

Last year, we received an inquiry from a zoo in Australia, the Australia zoo primate enclosure raceway mesh. After learning the details and combining them with the customer’s choice, we recommend the 0.8″ aperture mesh. Because of the coastal area, the zoo chooses the more corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel.

Australia Zoo Primate Enclosure

Following are the details of this order:

  • Product: Zoo Primate Raceway                                                            Product ID: HY1220
  • Color: Natural steel color                                                                       Material: AISI 316 stainless steel

At that time, this project was being planned. We sent free samples to the zoo. They are very satisfied with the performance of stainless steel woven mesh. At the end of last month, we received an order from them – Zoo Monkey Tunnel Mesh.

Since 0.8 inches is the smallest aperture, it takes more time to produce. We arranged production for them in a timely manner and arranged delivery last week.

If you also have plans to renew or build a new zoo enclosure or exhibit, why not consult us for more details on stainless steel wire mesh. If necessary, we can send you samples so that you can test the product performance.

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