Predator Birds Aviary Wire Mesh Order

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Predator Birds Aviary Wire Mesh Order

Hengyi Metal Mesh packaged and delivered predator birds aviary wire mesh order to our American zoo customer.

Predator Birds Aviary Wire Mesh Predator Birds Aviary Mesh

This is a 5873 square feet aviary project. Following are the details of this order:

Product: Predator birds aviary                                                             Product ID: HY2051

Color: Natural steel color                                                                       Material: AISI 304 stainless steel


Choosing the material of predator birds aviary is not an easy thing. Wooden cage won’t work at all. Zinc is said to be toxic.

So, what is a suitable material?

  • First, safety and security. The enclosure materials should provide a safe habitat for the birds. And also, the birds can not break out the aviary.
  • Second, eco-friendly and non-toxic. The materials should be recycled and reused, and will not harm the health of the birds.
  • Third, a long-lasting lifetime.  The materials can be used for decades to reduce the cost of investment.
  • Fouth, easy installation, and free maintenance.

Hengyi stainless steel wire mesh will meet all the requirements of the predator birds enclosure aviary. And we can do even more.

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