Zoo Enclosure Fence Netting Order Completed

Stainless Steel Zoo Mesh Production Schedule after Lunar New Year
Cable Mesh for Zoo Refurbishment

Zoo Enclosure Fence Netting Order Completed

This is the first zoo enclosure fence netting order Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh completed after Lunar New Year break. It will be shipped this week. Now we are working on the final packaging.

It is not easy to make almost 5,000 square feet of zoo net in such a short time. Because of the New Year break, the time available to work in January was reduced. Thanks to our workers for their hard work.

Each stainless steel cable mesh order is taken seriously by Hengyi. We ensure the quality as well as the lead time.

This order was for the upgrade of a zoo fence using stainless steel cable mesh to replace the previous glass and concrete fence. A thicker rope diameter of 1/8 inch is used. This is one of the more recent hot-selling rope mesh specifications.

Zoo Enclosure Fence Netting

The use of Zoo Enclosure Fence Netting can be the air circulation in the enclosure, which helps to improve the good living environment of animals. The safety of cable mesh is also very good.

Stainless steel rope mesh can easily gain the trust of customers, think as an animal fence, it is too strong advantages. Once they have used Hengyi’s stainless steel zoo mesh fence, they will not change other fences. Because the quality of our products is very good, hand-woven and outstanding.

In addition, we offer free samples of Zoo Enclosure Fence Netting. If you need them, you can contact us at any time to get them.

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