Stainless Steel Zoo Mesh Production Schedule after Lunar New Year

stainless steel wire mesh for animal cage net
Stainless Steel Animal Enclosure Mesh
Zoo Enclosure Fence Netting Order Completed

Stainless Steel Zoo Mesh Production Schedule after Lunar New Year

The beautiful Lunar New Year holiday is over, we all had a good time with our families and got a full rest. Hengyi Metal Ecological Metal Mesh Factory has officially started work. And all the employees have arrived at work to making the stainless steel zoo mesh. We are ready to begin the new year’s work.

Despite the holidays, however, we are still in daily contact with our customers to ensure that orders and inquiries are processed in a timely manner. We recently received many orders for many 1/8″ cable mesh for large animal cage fencing. There are also some bird aviary roofing nets and small primate enclosure nets. All specifications are relatively hot sale zoo netting sizes.

After going to work, the first thing we do is to arrange all the purchased stainless steel zoo mesh orders received in order of time.  We will ensure that all orders are completed on time and with quality.

stainless steel zoo mesh

Under ensure the raw material quantity of existing stainless steel rope mesh orders, then we will replenish the raw material stock to meet new orders.

At the same time, we will prepare zoo wire mesh samples to send to customers who requested the sample during the holidays.

In addition, we kindly remind that since stainless steel rope mesh is a custom product and hand-woven mesh. They need to allow enough production time. Reasonable planning time frame will help your zoo project go smoothly.

We are back to normal work, if you have a new order or inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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