Wolf Enclosure Mesh

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Wolf Enclosure Mesh

Mysterious wolf enclosure mesh

The wolf seems to be a dangerous animal, but compared with big cats like tigers and lions, it is slightly less dangerous. In nature, wolves are also mysterious animals, and wolf enclosure houses and wolf enclosure mesh in zoos usually attract many visitors to stop and watch.

In the past, many zoos would use steel and concrete, and other thick walls to isolate animals from visitors in order to ensure safety. These dangerous wild animals would be kept in cramped cages for people to view from a distance. This is safe, but the animals lose their wildness, and these cage-like houses can cause severe mental harm to the animals.

Since the availability of stainless steel rope mesh material, these situations have improved greatly. Most large zoos in China and abroad use stainless steel woven wire mesh as the latest animal cage mesh material. The same is true for wolf cage netting.

wolf enclosure fence mesh, Wolf Enclosure Mesh

These mesh materials with excellent breathability and permeability bring animals and people closer together. People are able to observe animals closer, learn and study their habits. And we create an environment as close to nature as possible for them.

Creative mesh material

It can be said that stainless steel rope mesh material is a reformative zoo enclosure building material.

Stainless steel rope mesh is soft and flexible and can be adapted to a variety of designs. And it is also relatively easy to install, as long as it is firmly fixed to the frame using wire rope or similar rope-like material.

Stainless steel rope mesh can be used as wolf enclosure mesh material and as other fence material for animals. Of course, it is not the same specification. Because our wire rope cable mesh has dozens of mesh specifications to choose from.

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