X-Tend Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Black Mesh Order Shipping

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X-Tend Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Black Mesh Order Shipping

X-Tend Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Black Mesh Order Ships to Canada before Christmas.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Factory not only has the natural steel color x-tend stainless steel cable mesh but also can produce the black oxidation mesh. Moreover, the black mesh is pretty popular with customers and zoos. In recent years, we got more and more black cable mesh orders. Although its price is higher than the natural steel color cable mesh, the sales volume is still very good.

First of all, SUS 304 stainless steel wire cables cross to the x-tend mesh. It is very strong and flexible.

After the black oxide processing, the mesh becomes a black color covered. It is a thermal processing technology. Need to control the temperature, time, and the ratio of chemical agents. There are only a few factories in China that can do this x-tend black cable nets. Hengyi Metal Mesh is one of them.

We use standard 304 materials, which absolutely guarantee compliance with international standards. Ultra-precision template, all mesh sizes are uniform and standard. Manual cross-weaving craftsmanship produces exquisite stainless steel nets.

The order we sent this time, is from our new customer this year. And they have purchased the steel cable nets from us four times this year. It’s our honor that our zoo mesh can meet the needs of the zoo. High-quality zoo cage mesh products are the basis of our long-term cooperation.

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X-Tend Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

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