X-Crossing Stainless Steel Cable Mesh at Christmas Sale

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X-Crossing Stainless Steel Cable Mesh at Christmas Sale

wire ropes weaving x-crossing stainless steel cable mesh

X-Crossing Stainless Steel Cable Mesh is a type of steel mesh with cable wire crossing.

X-crossing cable mesh is a product that can be customized in size. Because it only needs to pay out the thread according to the size determined before the change, and then perform knitting. It’s not like the nets produced by machines have certain length and width restrictions. Stainless steel cable x-crossing mesh is stretchable.

Why the woven cable mesh is being called x-crossing mesh?

The knot of the wire rope mesh is just like the alphabet X. And the two ropes are crossing each other. In order to distinguish it from the cable ferrule net, many people will call it x-crossing mesh or x-tend woven mesh.

Christmas is coming soon, and the New Year. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh wishes you all MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. At this season, we will offer more discount for our customers. Welcome your inquiries at any time!

X-crossing stainless steel cable mesh is the best partner of zoo fences. No matter what animals enclosures or fences, cable mesh would make them more quality.

X-Crossing Stainless Steel Cable Mesh at Christmas Sale X-Crossing Stainless Steel Cable Mesh at Christmas Sale

Learn more application using of x-cross mesh below.

For birds: parrots aviary, aviary for lorikeets and finches, flight aviary for eagle and other birds, cages and fences of heavy and large sizes birds such as ostrich.

For large cats: tiger fences, lion exhibit fence, and leopard perimeter fence.

For primates: monkey cage mesh, orangutan exhibit fence, gorilla fence mesh, etc.

Other applications: tunnel mesh, zoo fences, safety nets, railing mesh.

If you have any projects that related to stainless steel mesh, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Christmas season.

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