Sport Netting Barrier Ferrule Type Mesh

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Sport Netting Barrier Ferrule Type Mesh

Sport netting barrier ferrule type mesh or sports field protection net is also an important use of stainless steel wire rope mesh.

Based on the characteristics of the stainless steel rope net is soft, flexible, and impact-resistant, the stainless steel rope net is a very suitable sports field protection net.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh goes a long way in wire rope mesh manufacturing including woven cable mesh and ferrule type mesh. That’s why we carry a wide selection of cable mesh solutions for all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications. Except for animal enclosure usages, the cable net can also use as the sports netting barrier.

sports netting barrier ferrule type mesh


            Applications in sport netting barrier:


            Baseball netting

            Hockey sports barrier netting

            Golf netting

            Football protection nets

            Tactical Field Netting



Stainless steel wire cable sport netting barrier can take the power of the balls’ impaction. All the woven cable nets and ferrule mesh nets are available in standard or custom cut sizes.

Browse all our cable netting for sale today or contact us at [email protected] with questions about any of our sports barrier netting or other cable mesh products.

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