Raccoon Barrier Mesh-Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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Raccoon Barrier Mesh-Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Raccoons are a common type of animal. In the zoos, it is usually necessary to use a raccoon barrier mesh net – stainless steel wire mesh, as a raccoon enclosure material.

In North America, gardens or ponds always encounter raccoons destroy. Raccoons often eat fish from the pond. Heavy fishing string nets do not work. So you need a stronger raccoon barrier mesh net.

Hengyi Metal Wire Mesh provides a unique woven wire rope mesh that is light but strong. Soft and flexible, it can be covered on any object. Not afraid of the raccoon’s bite and tear, it is also very weather resistant. The woven wire mesh has a very long service life and does not require complicated maintenance.

It can be used not only as a family garden fence or pond protection cover net but also as a zoo exhibit enclosure.

In recent years, this material has been used in zoos around the world. Stainless steel wire mesh is favored by customers because of its lightweight, beautiful appearance and durability.

For many years, Hengyi Metal Mesh has been committed to the production and promotion of such environmentally friendly materials. Stainless steel cable mesh can not only design beautiful exhibits but also bring you long-term economic benefits.

For different animals, we have a full range of sizes to choose from. And the stainless steel wire mesh is very flexible and can be adapted to a variety of applications. Stainless steel mesh can also withstand the effects of the weather.

Raccoon Barrier Mesh

What mesh size?

The size of the mesh you choose depends on the size of the animal you are containing. Normally, two or three-inch fences are available for most animals. But if it’s a small animal, you can use a one-inch mesh.

What are the types of fences?

Ordinary fence (instead of railing fence, wooden fence);

L-shaped fence (embed some materials into the soil or placed on the ground to prevent animals from digging)

Umbrella top net

Tunnel fence mesh

Various shapes of enclosures

Make a fence instead of a trap

There are many fences that are dangerous and can damage animals that are to be closed. The stainless steel wire mesh is different, its surface is smooth, the mesh structure is soft and elastic, and there is no need to worry about the animal colliding and being injured.

Learn more about the raccoon barrier mesh, click here.


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