Stainless Steel X Tend Mesh Order Delivery

Stainless Steel Animal Mesh
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Stainless Steel X Tend Mesh Order Delivery

Stainless steel X tend mesh is a kind of fabric composed of soft and fatigue-resistant steel wire ropes through different connection methods.

Cable X tend mesh includes two types: a knotted mesh in which two ropes are woven together by interlacing and a ferrule mesh in which they are joined together using ferrules. Since the two crossed ropes extend like an X, it is also called the Stainless Steel X Tend Mesh.

The stainless steel X tend mesh order we are shipping this week is the ferrule net purchased by a European customer. This time, the quantity of the order is relatively large, and black oxidation treatment is required, so this order took nearly two months to complete. All the nets need to be inspected and qualified before they can be shipped. Our workers carefully check them, again and again, to ensure that all the details are perfect.

Stainless steel X tend mesh

The stainless steel X tend mesh net needs to be very precise to make the distance of each mesh. Only such a net can be uniform, dense and beautiful, which is very suitable for exhibition use. Customers are very fond of this novel mesh structure, giving a relaxed feeling.

European and American customers especially like this material to design different animal exhibition rooms and enclosures and cages. They come to us, show us their designs, and list the detailed dimensions, which we can customize for them in various sizes. This makes the installation of the zoo animal enclosure mesh a lot easier.

When shipped the cable mesh, the soft wire rope mesh can be folded, which also provides great convenience.

The smaller volume makes the specific gravity of the cargo larger so that a better price can be obtained from the shipping company. And it’s easy to pack and carry. The shape of each pallet is very regular, waterproof, and not afraid of pressure. And the forklift is very convenient to operate.

Stainless Steel X Tend Mesh

When the quantity of goods is large, it is more appropriate to choose sea freight. If time is not enough, then normal air freight to the airport is the best option. This batch of stainless steel rope nets shipped to Europe was chosen to be shipped to the airport by air.

We have cooperated with many zoos and companies around the world, with rich experience and reliable quality of zoo wire rope mesh products. If you also need the zoo network, please contact us directly.

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