Parrot cage netting, parrot fence

leopard enclosure fence mesh, leopard enclosure nets
Leopard cage fence mesh
eagle cage fence netting
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Parrot cage netting, parrot fence

parrot cage netting, parrot cage fence

stainless steel wire rope woven mesh is widely used for parrot cage netting, parrot fence.

Wire Rope Woven Mesh For the Parrot Cage exhibition, is the ideal protection of the parrot cage netting. Hengyi Zoo Mesh supplier customized production of various specifications of stainless steel parrot cage nets. Parrot fence. Parrot aviary nets. Parrot cage fence. Applicable to a variety of parrots, such as Macaw, Toucan, Budgerigar, Lorikeet, Cacatua, Parakeet, Cockatoo, Parrotlet and so on.

Wire Rope Weaving Netting is a hand-woven protection mesh, with good flexibility. Raw materials selection of 304 and above high-quality stainless steel. Such as 304L, 316, 316L. With good anti-corrosion, not rust, suitable for various environments.

But why is the stainless steel wire rope braid mesh used in the Parrot cage netting? Let me answer for you:

  1. Wire Rope Woven Mesh for parrot cage netting has strong resistance to tensile and breaking force. It can effectively and safely isolate and protect all kinds of parrot animals;
  2. Soft, can be used for a variety of zoo parrot cages design;
  3. Free folding, pull, mesh size unchanged, flexible and convenient installation;
  4. Strong corrosion resistance, not rust, applicable to any environment;
  5. Good view, beautiful, and natural integration, eco-environmental protection;
  6. No need to maintain, long service life, high cost-effective.
  7. Custom production, can be covered with large area animal cage.
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parrot cage netting, parrot fence, parrot cages

Usually, the size of the parrot cage fence netting is chosen according to the variety of the parrot. Mainly related to the diameter of wire rope (that is, the thickness of the wire rope) and the stainless steel mesh hole. General, the rope diameter according to the degree of parrot to choose, and the mesh hole according to the size of parrot individual to choice, very simple. Because of the cross knitting technology, the steel wire rope weaving mesh has the capacity to be several times of single wire rope. In any case, the edge length of the mesh hole is fixed unchanged. We will also be based on the previous rich production experience, to provide users with practical stainless steel woven mesh specifications recommendations.

More details of stainless steel wire rope woven mesh for parrot cage netting, welcome to contact us-Hengyi metal ecological mesh co., ltd.

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