Stainless Steel Mesh Net for Guard Rail Order Shipping

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Stainless Steel Mesh Net for Guard Rail Order Shipping

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Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh sent a shipment of stainless steel mesh net for guard rail to Central America this week.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Factory has been making stainless steel woven wire mesh for many years. Stainless steel rope mesh has many uses, it can be used as animal enclosure mesh, bird aviary mesh, and fence mesh. In addition to these zoo-related uses, stainless steel rope mesh can also be used as security fence mesh and decorative mesh.  Stainless steel mesh net for guard rail are very common in hotels, airports, and home yards.


Stainless Steel Mesh Net for Guard Rail



Guardrail stainless steel mesh is mainly installed on guardrails. Stainless steel mesh is ideal for use as a fence mesh due to its stretchable, flexible and soft properties. Installation is also very simple. It is also strong and durable, and beautiful and aesthetic.


Safe stainless steel mesh net for guard rail


Woven wire mesh is very security.

It can make sure the fence rail safe. And it also surround around the animals’ habitat or some construction building to make sure the safety of them.

Don’t look down on the thin wire rope, it is very strong. It is even more powerful by weaving it into a net. Usually, 3/64” diameter wire rope mesh is used for birds and some small animals. And for tiger, lion or bear etc. they will need 1/8” diameter wire rope mesh. For gurad rail fence, 3/32″ mesh and 1/8″ mesh are suitable.

There are also dozens of specifications available. Finding the suitable one to your needs, the mesh will become a very security facility. They can protect your animals, birds, your personnel, your building. The woven wire mesh could be part of the construction and make them more beautiful and attractive.

Hengyi Metal Mesh is a professional manufacturer in China. We have decades of experience of weaving stainless steel wire mesh. Hengyi uses good materials and make premium products. All the woven wire mesh we produced is in line with international standards.


Stainless Steel Mesh Net for Guard Rail


Hengyi Metal Mesh exports stainless steel mesh net to all over the world, especially America and Europe.

Welcome to contact with us. We will bring you quality stainless steel mesh net and thoughtful service.


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