Common Specs for Monkey Fence Mesh

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Common Specs for Monkey Fence Mesh

One of the most popular applications for stainless steel rope mesh is monkey fence mesh.


Stainless steel woven wire mesh monkey fence mesh provides you with a new visual experience.

Monkeys are indispensable star animals in a zoo. They are lively, smart and cute, very pleasing to the eye. Both adults and children like to stop for a while in front of the monkey cage exhibition. Then both the safety and does not affect the tourists viewing line of sight of the fence net is crucial. 


Stainless steel woven cable mesh – best material for monkey fence mesh

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh is a woven fabric with a mesh structure, which is hand-woven using high-quality multi-strand structured steel wire rope. It has many advantages in practical engineering applications.


Safety of Monkey Fence Mesh

Safety is the primary requirement for zoo cage netting. Monkeys are good at climbing and very agile, and may often tear and pull the fence. Therefore the monkey fence mesh should be stronger and more secure. Stainless steel rope mesh is hand-woven wire rope mesh. Each knot will not move after proper installation and will not be deformed by pulling. And the mesh structure is also available for monkeys to climb and play, and the rounded wire rope will not cut their fur.



The mesh structure of the stainless steel monkey enclosure mesh greatly increases the perspective. Outside the exhibit room, we can easily observe every move of the animals inside the exhibit room. This is very friendly for zoo exhibits. Moreover, the stainless steel woven mesh is made of 304 grade stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and can be applied to outdoor environment. This kind of fence is not afraid of rain and sunshine, and it will not block air circulation and rainwater entry.


Aesthetics and moldability

Stainless steel rope mesh is soft and flexible. It can be stretched, twisted and bent. It can also be cut to fit the shape and size of the frame during installation. Such high adaptability makes architectural design full, beautiful and creative. No wonder stainless steel woven wire mesh has become the favorite of many zoo and architectural designers.

monkey fence mesh for enclosure


Common sepcs for monkey fence mesh

There are various specs of stainless steel wire rope mesh. And they are suitable for different animals. Some are for birds and some are for big cats. Then what specs are common for monkey fence mesh?

Generally speaking, monkeys have different types in body sizes and species.

For small monkeys, such as macaque, spider monkey, lemur, we can choose to use 3/64 inch and 1/16 inch diameter cables with 0.8 inch, 1 inch, 1.2inch, and 1.5 inch opening holes.

For large monkeys, there are some larger opening holes and thicker diameters – 5/64 inch and 3/32 inch.

For gorillas, which are also primates, stronger enclosures need to be used. We have 1/8 inch rope mesh, which is a size that can be used by tigers and lions.

monkey fence mesh for gorilla


Eco zoo mesh – your reliable supplier


Eco zoo mesh has been manufacturing and supplying Stainless Steel Woven Monkey Fence Mesh for many years. We have supplied zoo fencing to countless customers in Europe America and also all over the world.

There may be many wire rope mesh manufacturers in China, but there are few who specialize in only one kind of product like ecomesh. Moreover, we strictly select high quality wire rope from incoming materials. We use skilled technical workers to weave the high quality zoo fence. Our zoo mesh quality is absolutely guaranteed.


What we can provide

  • Quality zoo mesh
  • Customize panel sizes
  • Various specifications
  • Free samples
  • No worry shipping




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