Rope Ferruled Mesh Factory Sent Order to Europe

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Rope Ferruled Mesh Factory Sent Order to Europe

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh rope ferruled mesh factory sent black ferrule netting order to Europe this week. Thank the customers for their trust and support to us.

This time the customer is a regular customer who has cooperated with our rope ferruled mesh factory for ten years. We always take every customer’s order seriously and complete it well.

Rope ferruled mesh net is a very beautiful product, which can be used for decoration, stair handrail, high-altitude safety protection, green plant climbing, animal fence, and other purposes. If it is used outdoors, the black oxide surface can be used to solve the problem of the reflection of stainless steel ferrules. It is more friendly to the visual experience.

Rope Ferruled Mesh Factory

Like the woven rope net, the stainless steel ferrule net has very good permeability. Therefore, many animal cages are also designed with ferruled nets. For example, this order is for large bird aviary, including side nettings and roof nettings. Sizes can be customized.

Since the ferruled mesh is heavier than the woven mesh, attention should be paid to the load-bearing design of the frame and the roof during installation.

If you are interested in the stainless steel zoo mesh, please feel free to contact us.

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