Diamond Shape Cable Mesh

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Diamond Shape Cable Mesh

Diamond shape cable mesh is a fabric made of wire ropes and oval ferrules.

The standard mesh angle of the diamond shape cable mesh is 60 degrees. So, when stretching the mesh sheet, each hole is like a diamond shape. And that is why people called the ferrule mesh diamond cable mesh.

Diamond shape cable mesh also called ferrule cable mesh, wire rope ferruled mesh, webnet with ferrules, flexible wire rope mesh with ferrules, etc. It is a very common material in decoration, stair railings, enclosure fences, and many other applications.

The material type of ferruled mesh is stainless steel grade 304 or 316. Premium quality makes good products. And customers love the cable mesh more than other materials because of the advantages of stainless steel.

The sizes of the mesh rolls can be customized. In many projects, the mesh pieces have different ways to install. Basically, there are two types of mesh directions – horizontal and vertical.

Diamond Shape Cable Mesh Diamond Shape Cable Mesh

The mesh panels can be stretched into different sizes according to the mesh angle. For many small holes mesh, 60 degrees is recommended. And for large holes, you can decide as your wish, but not more than 90 degrees.

The 304 stainless steel ferrule mesh can also finish with the black oxide surface. This is also a trend of ferrule mesh use.

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