Rope Diamond Ferruled Mesh Order Completed

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Rope Diamond Ferruled Mesh Order Completed

Rope diamond ferruled mesh is made of stainless steel wire ropes and steel ferrules. It is also being called x-tend cable mesh or stainless steel ferrule mesh.

Rope diamond ferruled mesh can be installed horizontally or vertically. And the direction needs to be decided before production.

This week, Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh completed the vertical type of ferruled mesh for the customer in Singapore.

 Rope Diamond Ferruled Mesh

The advantage of the ferrule cable mesh is that the production time is short if the materials are available. Therefore, please give us time to prepare the materials for production.

Rope ferruled mesh is beautiful. Balcony railings, stair guardrails, decorative walls, and safety protection can all use ferrule rope nets. It also can be used as an animal enclosures fence.

Customized sizes make installation easy and simple.

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Rope Diamond Ferruled Mesh order sent

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