New height of wire mesh

anti-collision pier by wire rope mesh
Reinforcement by Rope mesh
stainless steel wire rope mesh
long-life steel rope mesh

New height of wire mesh

New height of rope mesh 2

New height of rope mesh2

High altitude adventure device art steel rope wire mesh walk sit in the heartbeat

New height of rope mesh3

local time, June 19, Dusseldorf, Germany, Argentine artist Tom.Sala to show a “complacent” space device works of art, under the glass dome, people can walk on the structure of steel rope wire mesh, sit, feel the stimulation of the heartbeat.

New height of rope mesh1

Steel wire Rope Mesh tenacity, tensile strength, elastic. People standing on the mesh as if standing on the elastic bed, swinging back and forth. The penetrating vision makes people seem to be floating in the air. And strong enough pull to ensure people’s safety. Stainless steel rope mesh is easy to sculpt and simple in construction.

Compared to glass, stainless steel rope mesh with people formed interaction, in virtually improve the people’s experience.For more information about stainless steel wire mesh, []

New height of rope mesh2


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