Meerkat Enclosure Mesh

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Meerkat Enclosure Mesh

Meerkat Enclosure Mesh – There are more and more creative designs of animal enclosures. Meerkats are small animals and the enclosure exhibits are way more interesting with the cable mesh.

Unobstructed to see the cute meerkat through the Meerkat Enclosure Mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh is a very practical and aesthetically pleasing material for fencing and enclosures. The 7×7 soft stainless steel wire rope is woven into a net with a diamond-shaped mesh structure. After correct installation, it becomes a transparent barrier. Meerkat enclosure mesh nets allow you to see cute animals up close.

Meerkat Enclosure Mesh

Unlimited design with customized wire cable mesh

Meerkat exhibits or other animals’ cages can be interesting. Cages or exhibitions in raceways or tunnels are the popular designs recently in zoos. This can expand the active area room for animals and also increase the fun. The tunnels, raceways, or bridges for the animals are made of flexible stainless steel rope nets. The wire cable mesh nets can be customized by ecozoomesh.  Installation is simple and convenient. Reduce waste.

Cable mesh secure the safety of animals

Safety is an issue that cannot be ignored in public areas like zoos or parks. The mesh enclosures cables are made of SUS 304/316 materials. It is strong and durable. The cable is not afraid of the chewing of animals. The mesh can guard the zoos perfectly.

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