Ferrule Netting for Birds Aviary Sent to Europe

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Ferrule Netting for Birds Aviary Sent to Europe

Ferrule netting for birds aviary is very popular in Europe as well as in other places. Many zoos and parks always purchased the ferrule cable birds aviary and woven cable mesh for animals. They preferred the excellent quality and beautiful looking of the eco zoo mesh.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh, eco zoo mesh has completed a large quantity order of ferrule netting for birds aviary and is ready to ship. The mesh will be transported to Tianjin XINGANG seaport soon and then be shipped to Europe.


For ferrule netting cable wires orders, it is crucial to determine the size of the mesh.

First, the size of the mesh opening is related to whether it is suitable for the current project. The right opening keeps the right birds. If the mesh opening is larger, it will allow the birds to escape from the aviary enclosure. There are some small ornamental birds, very small in size, such as some finches, lovebirds, parakeets parrots, etc., they can only use the smallest mesh size, 4/5 inch ferrule net. For some large size birds aviary, it is not necessary to use such a small opening mesh, and netting with a relatively thick rope diameter can be used.

Second, determine the size of the mesh before you can calculate the production materials, such as the number of ferrules required, the length of the rope, and so on. In this way, precision can be achieved, and customized dimensions can be made more accurate.

The opening size of the ferrule netting for birds aviary

The standard mesh opening angle of the ferrule cable net is 60 degrees. The measure to determine its size is the length of the diagonal. The smallest size is 20mm×35mm. Other commonly used specifications are 40mm x 69mm; 50mm x 87mm; 60mm x 104mm; 80mm x 139mm…

Below is the ferrule netting specs list for your reference.

Ferrule Netting for Birds Aviary

There are some other names for ferrule nets, such as flexible rope nets, safety nets, and stainless steel elastic nets. This is because stainless steel ferrule mesh has some very nice properties.

The steel wire rope is in a 7×7 and 7×19 structure, 304 material, and is very soft.

Stainless steel material, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, safe and durable.

The two ropes are firmly clamped by stainless steel ferrules to form a diamond-shaped mesh, which is stretchable and elastic.

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