Black Zoo Netting Mesh Order Sent

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Black Zoo Netting Mesh Order Sent

In the New Year we fulfill our first order of 2024-Black Zoo Netting Mesh.


This batch of black zoo netting mesh was ordered to us by our customer from Canada at the end of November 2023, and after more than one month’s hard work, our workers delivered this batch of zoo netting to the customer.

Black Zoo Netting Mesh

How is the black mesh made?


Many people will think that the black zoo net is directly woven with black rope, but it is not. The black zoo mesh is made by workers who first use the original color stainless steel rope to weave into the required size of mesh, and then oxidize and color it.

Oxidation coloring is a complex process that requires professional equipment and technology. We have been working closely with professional dyeing factories. So we can not only guarantee the quality of the raw materials and weaving of the black zoo netting mesh, but also make the black oxidation coloring uniform and beautiful.


New opportunities – black zoo netting mesh


Over the past year, as the effects of the epidemic have waned, there has been a significant increase in zoo attendance in countries around the globe. The demand for zoo nets is also increasing. HENGYI stainless steel rope netting is committed to supplying professional zoo nets for major zoos around the world to ensure the safety of animal visitors and to meet the aesthetic and creative needs of design.

Wire rope mesh comes in a variety of sizes to meet the design needs of different animal cages. Whether it’s beasts, monkeys, birds, herbivores, you can find the right size!

Black Zoo Netting Mesh

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is ready and capable enough to accept all kinds of customized orders. If your zoo has new construction, reconstruction or expansion plans, welcome to inquire. We offer factory price, excellent service and high quality black zoo mesh.


Hengyi Metal Ecoligcal Mesh

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