What Benefits Cable Ferruled Zoo Net Samples Bring to You?

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What Benefits Cable Ferruled Zoo Net Samples Bring to You?

Hengyi provides free samples of stainless steel zoo mesh cable ferruled zoo net for customers.

Don’t underestimate the small piece of cable ferruled zoo net sample, its role is very big.

In international trade, sample is a very important part. We are supplying stainless steel wire mesh for zoos and builders and designers in different countries. Since the customers are in different countries, it is sometimes unrealistic to come to the factory to see the products. Therefore the appearance of samples solves many of these problems.

Cable Ferruled Zoo Net Samples

First of all, stainless steel zoo mesh samples represent our corporate image and product quality.


Hengyi’s cable ferruled mesh are made of high-quality raw materials. The order of cable wire ferrule mesh and samples are consistent. Samples can be a total of customer testing, so that customers can rest assured that the order.


Secondly, samples can help people understand the product performance and characteristics, to provide a basis for design and inspiration.


For the first contact with stainless steel zoo net this new fence material customers and designers, they could learn more features about the mesh through the sample. The cable ferruled zoo net mesh looks elegant and beautiful, yet is very strong and durable. Its flexible and soft characteristics are also very popular with designers.

Cable Ferruled Zoo Net Samples

A ferruled zoo net sample is small, but it carries our integrity and service. It conveys the details and characteristics of the product to customers, so that they can better understand the advantages of stainless steel zoo mesh and buy it with more confidence.


About Cable Ferruled Zoo Net Free Sample:


The samples could be supplied cost free (less than 1 square meter), but the courier charges should be borne by the buyer, the buyer have the following two ways to get the free samples:

(1) Contact your local couriers, say, FedEx, DHL, TNT or UPS, and ask them to pick up the samples from our office.

(2) Let us have your Freight Collect Account Number you registered in the above couriers, we will arrange the shipment by contacting their local branches.


Contact us to get a free sample for your project: [email protected]

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