Black Oxide Wire Mesh for Zoo Animals Order Delivery

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Black Oxide Wire Mesh for Zoo Animals Order Delivery

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Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory sends black oxide wire mesh to a famous zoo in Canada. They are about to start the construction of a new zoo enlosure exhibition.

Spring seems to be the time when everything starts. Work on the zoo also starts one after another. Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh factory has been very busy throughout the spring season, producing their custom stainless steel zoo mesh and black oxide wire mesh for the customers.

We started receiving spring season orders one after another in December last year. Because the wire rope mesh is handmade and requires a lot of production time, most of the customers order in advance in order to make the project go smoothly.

Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh Factory’s black stainless steel rope mesh is very popular in Europe and America.

In the United States and Canadian regions, zoo cages and fences are designed and materials are used with great care. They will take into account the impact of these on the animals. Compared with other fencing products, black oxide wire mesh and stainless steel rope mesh can bring a wider view and good living environment for animals.

Black oxide stainless steel rope mesh does not reflect the sun’s rays, which will not sting the eyes of animals. Visitors who focus on animals for a long time in daylight can reduce the visual fatigue caused by bright light.

Black oxide cable mesh is a corrosion-resistant construction material that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Especially in the outdoor environment, black oxide cable mesh netting is more excellent performance.

The black oxide wire mesh structure is easier to hide in the surrounding natural environment. Therefore, you can incorporate many trees and greenery, rocks and other natural elements into the designed habit. Or stainless steel rope mesh material can be covered with a large area of grass, trees and bushes to create a natural habitat completely for the animals.

Please be sure to rest assured that none of the stainless steel rope mesh will interfere with rain, sunlight or airflow, so the plants will grow well. The real green plants must be very significant to the health of animals.

Our stainless steel rope mesh is also found in many zoos in England, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary and so on. Stainless steel rope netting may have become the tiger’s enclosure permeter netting, or perhaps the roof netting of the bird aviary. These countless zoo nets have left a deep impression on many zoo visitors.

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About the Black Oxide Wire Mesh for Zoo Animals Order

This order from the Canadian customer was for animal cage netting for their new spring project. Because several projects were involved and all the animal species were different, the rope netting specifications used were different.

Bird aviaries for large birds use a 1/16 inch rope diameter with 2 inch mesh. The size is very common for use in birdhouses and aviaries. It is used for larger birds such as cranes, flamingos, peacocks, and owls and eagles.

There is also 3/32 inch rope diameter 2 inch mesh. This size can be applied to larger primates, as well as some herbivores, including chimpanzees, white-headed langurs, zebras, mergansers, giraffes and other animal enclosures.

The last specs size is a very strong 1/8″ rope diameter. Again, it is a 2 inch mesh. In terms of strength, this size is the strongest, and it is the smallest mesh in the 1/8 inch rope diameter. It can be applied to the fencing of big cats such as tigers, lions and leopards. Because of the smaller mesh holes, you also do not have to worry about their claws reaching out to scratch visitors. Of course, dangerous animals like this, when setting up the fence must be well thought out, so that there is a certain safety distance between visitors and animals.

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Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh can provide customers with the wire rope and ferrules needed for installation.

At this time we included wire rope and ferrules in the order.

So how to calculate the length of wire rope and the number of ferrules?

First of all, the size of the frame should be determined. Generally speaking, the length of the wire rope needed is 1.5 times the size of the frame. Of course if you want to use double the wire rope, or the post of the frame is very thicker, then the budget should be increased accordingly.

Generally 5 to 10 meters can use a ferrule to seal the wire rope. You can increase the number appropriately, because the ferrule is very small, in case it falls to the ground and can’t be found.

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