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Woven Wire Mesh for Sale

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Hengyi Metal Ecological Mesh is a stainless steel woven wire mesh supplier from China. We have some Woven Wire Mesh for Sale.

Our stainless mesh is 100% stainless steel made and can be recycled. Therefore, our woven wire mesh has another name – eco zoo mesh.

The stainless steel mesh is a material far more than welded mesh in the flexibility and security.

The stock of woven wire mesh for sale

In order to cope with the changes in the supply of raw materials and the urgent needs of some customers, we will produce standard-size stainless steel woven mesh as inventory when the order is relatively less.

the stock of woven wire mesh for sale

Since the wire rope net materials are very good, very soft, and flexible they can be folded and packaged, which is convenient for warehouse management. And the lead time will be much shorter than the customized zoo mesh.

If you have a very urgent project, you can order woven wire mesh products in stock.

Of course, not all specifications are in stock, and only a few of the more popular specifications are in stock. Like HY1225.

If time is sufficient, custom cable mesh size is still the best choice. It can make installation easier and reduce waste.

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